In reading various blogs, I ran across a concept that seemed so wonderfully idiosyncratic and odd that I just had to click the link and look.It was the idea of idiot compassion.

In a nutshell, idiot compassion is a Buddhist concept out of one of the Tibetan lineages. When someone slights you, and you look at your reaction to understand it, without looking at the slight, or the person who slighted you… When instead of giving someone what they need, you simply give them what they want… When you excuse their behavior, smile at rudeness and crudity, and refuse to hold others accountable for their actions…

Idiot compassion.

Sometimes, true compassion for the human animal involves calling your friends on their shit. Refusing to let things slide, standing up for what is right, even when it is uncomfortable, and demanding that respect is a two way street can be compassionate actions.

There is an idea in Feri traditions that one should not coddle weakness. Rudeness, lack of respect, refusal to accept responsibility for one’s life… these things are weaknesses.

The other side of the saying from Feri is that one should not punish weakness, either. Letting go of the need to punish is the same as forgiving. It is compassionate to forgive.

There is a fine line to walk here, between standing strong for what is right, and striking out against what is wrong. Learning to walk this line is one of the tasks of the human animal on it’s way to becoming the human being, Man.

Sometimes I find this line excruciating to walk; and yet I must walk it, or cease to be myself…